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Updated 26/08/2017: [Please note that if you currently delete the Management Azure Backup Server from Azure Portal, all the Cloud Recovery Points will be deleted in Azure.]


Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) inherits the same functionality of System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) for workloads backup, so if you are familiar with SCDPM, MABS looks very similar. However, MABS does not provide protection on tapes nor can integrate with any System Center component, so if you need System Center integration then you need the full SCDPM license for that. Besides that, MABS comes without a System Center license, and is free to download. Did I say free? Yes, it’s FREE!

For more information about MABS, please check the following article.

The issue

I have an exiting Azure Backup Server deployed in my environment and registered with Azure Recovery Services Vault.

I have some VMs protected on-premises and to Azure as well. I created a new Recovery Services Vault and decided to move to the new Vault. The reason behind this is, the old Recovery Services Vault was created with Geo-Redundant Storage (GRS) which cost 4.8 Cent / 1GB / Month. The new Recovery Services Vault is configured with Local-Redundant Storage (LRS) which cost 2.4 Cent / 1GB / Month, so half the price!

As a side note, once you create the Recovery Services Vault and configure the Storage (GRS or LRS), you cannot change the storage configuration. This is a one time operation.

When I tried to register Azure Backup Server with Azure, I received the following error:

The activation did not complete successfully. And if you click on More Information link, you will be redirected to a non relevant link: System Center vNext Data Protection Manager error codes.

Next, I tried to uninstall the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent and then I re-installed the agent again.

Once you install the Recovery Services Agent, you will be directed to register this server with Azure Backup vault.

When I tried to register Azure Backup Server with Azure again, I received a similar error to the previous one but with additional details:

The activation did not complete successfully. The current operation failed due to an internal service error “Authorization Failed”. Please retry the operation after some time. If the issue persists, please contact Microsoft support.

The error description is not clear and the More Information link is the same.

Now you can web search this one and find very little information or people having issues with normal Azure Backup functions like Azure Backup installation fails, or Azure Backups operations fail with error message “Unable to communicate to authentication service”, or you should uninstall everything and reinstall everything again. etc. This doesn’t sound good, does it? Really is not helpful.

Finding the cause

What was causing this issue?

So when I look at the Azure Portal under Recovery Services Vault | <Vault Name> | MANAGE | Backup Infrastructure | MANAGEMENT SERVERS | Backup Management Servers

Yes I know it’s a long path :) I found the AZURE BACKUP AGENT VERSION 2.0.9081.0

So the server is registered with the new Vault but it’s not showing on-premises.

If we look at the Microsoft Azure Backup Server console under Management | Online – we can see that this server is not registered with Azure Backup. Click Register to begin the registration process.

However, the Azure backup agent version on-premises 2.0.9082.0 does not match the agent version reported to Azure 2.0.9081.0

BINGO! That was the one and only common factor

Fixing the issue

The fastest way to solve this issue was to delete the server from Azure Portal.

Once the server is deleted from Azure (Deleting the server is a one time operation and cannot be undone), you can register the server again and the operation will be succeeded.

Root cause?

Microsoft has updated the Azure Backup agent for Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent: August 2017.

As stated in the Known issues section of the article. When you try to register a server that is running this update of the MARS Agent to a Recovery Services Vault on which it was previously registered, the MARS Agent does not get registered, and you receive the following error message:

The current operation failed due to an internal service error “Authorization Failed”. Please retry the operation after some time.

The article state to successfully register a server to the desired Recovery Services Vault, follow these steps:

  • Open the Azure portal by using the following URL, and then log on as usual.
  • Open the Recovery Services Vault to which you intend to register the server, and then download the vault credential file.
  • Register the server by using the downloaded vault credential file.

In my case, I tried the steps mentioned above, however, without success. When deleting the server from the Azure portal and then register it again it works!

Hope this helps someone out there!

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  1. Hi [email protected],

    Thanks for posting this; looks like it’ll definitely help with my issue.

    One question though, does deleting the server from Azure portal, delete the actual VM itself? i.e. Will I still be able to access the server after performing this delete?
    Hope that makes sense.


    • Thanks John for your feedback,

      Unfortunately yes, if you currently delete the Management Azure Backup Server from Azure Portal, all the Cloud Recovery Points will be deleted.
      However, the VM itself on-premises won’t be deleted.
      IMHO, retaining recovery points if someone deletes a server from the Azure portal is very important.
      Hopefully Microsoft will enable this feature in the future.

      Hope this helps!

      [email protected]

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