On-Demand Microsoft AzureStack Webinar – How to Integrate, Operate and Offer Services #AzureStackDevKit #itnetX @itnetX_CH

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I am happy to announce that my webinar is available now on-demand, you can watch it anytime here.

In this webinar, I talked about how Microsoft Azure Stack is integrated into your datacenter, how it’s operated and how it can be used to offer services to users and developers. Besides that, I also talked about the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK), a free single-server deployment option that lets you test Azure Stack and prototype your applications and services before you commit to purchase Azure Stack.

I am excited to invite you to watch the recording and learn all about Azure Stack integration and services.

On-Demand Microsoft AzureStack Webinar - How to Integrate, Operate and Offer Services #AzureStackDevKit #itnetX @itnetX_CH 2

Webinar Q&A

Please check the full Q&A below, so you can have a look at the additional questions that the attendees asked during the webinar.

  • Can we expect Azure Site Recovery in Azure Stack?
    Disaster Recovery for Virtual Machines between Azure Stack & Azure public using Azure Site Recovery is in private preview right now. Microsoft will release it in Quarter 3 of this year.
  • Can I backup Tenant Workloads and applications in Azure Stack?
    Yes, Microsoft just released applications backup support for Tenants workload using Azure Backup Server. If you are familiar with Data Protection Manager (DPM), Azure Backup Server is very similar to DPM. You can use Azure Backup Server for short-term protection 5 days in Azure Stack, and then for long-term protection, you leverage Azure Backup service in Public Azure.
  • What about Azure Site Recovery from one Azure Stack region to another Azure Stack region?
    Well that’s a good question. Microsoft are exploring that scenario (Azure Stack to Azure Stack). Personally, I expect that scenario will come one day. But I don’t know when.
  • What about Capacity Planning?
    There is an Azure Stack Capacity Planner spreadsheet available to download. The spreadsheet is intended as a guide to help you in making decisions related to Azure Stack planning and configuration. You can download it from the following link.
  • Are there any plans around how Azure Migrate will be incorporated into Azure Stack as that product evolves?
    Yes, Microsoft are planning to have Azure Migrate support for Azure Stack as well. But I don’t know when it will be available.

I hope this webinar was useful to you.

Your feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Thank you for reading my blog.

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-Charbel Nemnom-


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