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Hello folks,

I am happy to share with you that Vembu is always improving their product to keep up with the latest technologies. This year began with a major release – Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0. A big update that came with features like:

  • Tape Backup Support
  • Quick VM Recovery on ESXi host for Hyper-V and Windows Image Backups
  • Backup-level Encryption for all agents
  • Auto Authorization for Offsite DR Server, and
  • Pre/Post backup scripts

Following the release of Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0, the next major update v3.9.1 came about with the launch of Standard Edition being the key highlight. Making Vembu BDR Suite affordable for the businesses of all size, the reach of Vembu drastically improved.

VMware 6.7 was announced on 17th of April, 2018. In less than 60 days after the official release, Vembu is geared up to support VMware 6.7.

With this latest upgrade, VMware aimed to create a consistent infrastructure for users across all platforms. Increasing the performance by 200 percent and reducing the memory usage by 300 percent, this update from VMware, although minor, serves as a significant improvement for its users.

Naturally, people wanted to run their VMs on 6.7, which meant they needed to protect the VMs running on 6.7. With Vembu, users never have to wait for a long time to reap the benefits. We, at Vembu, are proud to announce the release of Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 Update 1, the latest flagship offering from Vembu. You can now protect your VMs running on vSphere 6.7 with the enterprise-level features offered in the Vembu BDR.

Users can now experience the latest advancements in their VMware hypervisor with vSphere 6.7 while ensuring the protection of their virtual environment with Vembu 3.9.1.

Along with the support for vSphere 6.7, the latest release comes with numerous enhancements that can simplify the backup process and take the business continuity to next level.

The Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 Update 1 is now generally available(GA) and ready for download.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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-Charbel Nemnom-

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