High Availability is one of the most sought-after topics these days. When your data centers are struck with a disaster, a reliable High Available setup can actually do wonders.

It’s very important that you manage a Cluster setup that’s robust enough to survive a disaster. Microsoft Hyper-V being a significant player in the virtualization market is the next preferred domain to VMware. Hyper-V is basically a host-based service. It executes all of its functions from the resources (storage, RAM and network resources) that it draws from a single physical physical machine.

If this physical machine (or the server) gets hit by the disaster, chances of all the data on guest VMs over Hyper-V server getting lost is high.

With the release of Version 4.0, Vembu now extends its support to Hyper-V cluster.

In addition to the release, Vembu is demonstrating a live webinar where you could share and gather information about the upcoming version release of Vembu as well as the advancements in the Backup and DR industry.

Here’s what you can expect by attending this webinar:

  • Spotlight on Hyper-V Cluster
  • Managing highly available Hyper-V Setup
  • How Vembu helps to build it
  • Key functionalities up with v4.0

And lot more…

Interested in knowing more on implementing disaster recovery for Hyper-V Clusters? Come and join a live webinar session that will be hosted by Vembu’s experts due on the following dates:

  • November 15th, Thursday at 1PM CT, 11AM PT – Region Americas
  • November 22th, Thursday at 11AM CEST – Region UK
  • November 28th, Thursday at 11AM GST, 12.30 PM IST, 3.00 PM SGT – Region APAC

Hope to see you online!

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