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What’s New in 5nine Manager v7.1 For HyperV ? @5nine_Software

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Hello Folks,

I am glad to share with you that 5nine Software just released the latest 5nine Manager Version 7.1 for Hyper-V.


5nine Manager is an easy-to-use and cost-effective management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides many of the features of Microsoft’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager that you need for everyday Hyper-V and cluster management, at a fraction of the cost. 5nine Manager helps system administrators save time by automating multiple operations through various enhancements to 5nine Manager’s platform, views, wizards and antivirus features. The new version makes 5nine Manager look and feel like VMware vCenter and increases operational efficiency, enabling IT administrators that are new to Hyper-V to have an easier and more familiar management experience

In today’s blog post, I will share with you the latest features and enhancements that have been added into 5nine Manager v7.1 for Hyper-V.



5nine Software is actively following the latest market tendencies and technologies and the new version 7.1 can manage and protect virtual machines running the latest Microsoft’s client operating system, Windows 10! Additionally the 5nine Manager console can also run directly on Windows 10, allowing you to administer your data center from your laptop.


Expand your monitoring capabilities with the new Virtual Machine Health Summary view. In addition to viewing the batched information about the overall health of your virtualized infrastructure on a data center, cluster and host level, now you can gain additional insight through a new summary on the virtual machine level. It displays the health status of the VMs, including other helpful information such as state of the running VM, the generation, the host it is running on, the amount of available storage and much more.

With this new view, you can now control frequent actions of the selected VM right from the same panel. The new Virtual Machine Health Summary view displays the latest incidents for the selected VM in a sortable list. Now all the information you need to understand how your VM is performing is stored in one place!



Make cloning of a VM into a fast and seamless process with the new Virtual Machine Cloning Wizard. Creating multiple copies of a VM is now possible just in a couple of clicks through a wizard available from a VM’s context menu or toolbar, making it easy to quickly scale up your data center.
You can create multiple clones simultaneously and they will appear in 5nine Manger. You can also specify whether the virtual hard disk files of the clones will be stored in the same directory as the original VM or you can choose another storage destination.



5nine Manager v7.1 provides a new way of exporting virtual machines. The Export Virtual Machine operation is now available in a separate wizard that can be invoked from both a toolbar and a context menu. If you are doing multiple exports, you can optimize your storage space with the “clear content” option before copying the virtual machine’s files.



In the edition of 5nine Manager with Antivirus you can now see a summarized status of all the antivirus scans for all VMs running on the host. You can generate reports for the selected VMs in a single click that include information about the jobs, active protection, infections and more.



With the new 5nine Manger with Antivirus v7.1, system administrators have more control of their security scanning settings. There are always cases where a developer or user might need to keep some suspicious files on their virtual machine without the antivirus reporting it each time the disk is scanned. With the new Allowed Threats settings, you can ensure that these particular files will not be quarantined again upon the next AV scan.

To add an additional level of security, you can now centrally manage an Always Blocked lists. This will guarantee that certain files or folders always
stays blocked as a threat to prevent end users from accidentally opening or launching them.



5nine Manger with Antivirus v7.1 can now support additional file system types to make the antivirus scans work more efficiently. In addition to NTFS, 5nine
can now scan VMs that are using File Allocation Table (FAT) for Windows systems and Extended File System (EXT) for Linux.

5nine Manager continues to support all Linux and UNIX virtual machines running on Hyper-V. These distributions include CentOS, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu,
RHEL Server, Debian, Oracle Linux and FreeBSD.

5nine Manager v7.1 is available immediately for free. For more information, please visit:

Until next time.


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