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Editorial Process | Editorial Process | Editorial Process

We take immense pride in the quality of our content here at While we cover different topics, they all share a common goal: to cater to readers seeking reliable tech information. Our authors craft top-notch, original, precise, expert content that upholds ethical standards, devoid of bias, conflicts, or misinformation.

Editorial Process

At CharbelNemnom, we aim to deliver premium human-generated content. Our guidelines strictly prohibit the publication of automatically generated content using AI writing tools like ChatGPT.

Before publication, all our content undergoes professional editing to ensure compliance with stringent standards. Our seasoned editors meticulously assess readability, formatting, spelling and grammar, photo and screenshot quality, inclusive language and imagery, and much more.

From breaking news to comprehensive features, our news pieces are authored by experienced tech experts and promptly fact-checked (more details below). We prioritize linking to our sources, never trick you with clickbait headlines, and dive straight into the essence of the matter.

Our technology reviews are independent, and rooted in thorough research and product testing. While visiting links within our content may result in commissions from your purchases, we never receive compensation or incentives for our recommendations’ content.

Our how-to guides and other supportive content are authored and consistently updated by seasoned tech experts and published authors. We adhere to strict style guides developed over the past 20 years to ensure even the most technical processes are easily understandable.

If you encounter an article you believe requires enhancement, please reach out via email by filling out this form.

Accuracy and Corrections

The accuracy of verified information and news articles stands as a cornerstone across the CharbelNemnom website. Our commitment to readers’ accountability and transparent practices concerning accuracy and corrections remains unwavering.

Our extensive library of how-to content undergoes routine updates and fact-checks, ensuring the continual publication of accurate, comprehensive, relevant, and current information. Articles in our content library bear date stamps indicating completeness and accuracy to readers. News articles often focus on specific timely events and may not be part of our routine update process.

At CharbelNemnom, acknowledging and rectifying errors is crucial. Significant factual errors discovered prompt immediate corrections appended with a clear note. All corrections are distinctly labeled, and dated, and include details about the rectification.

We encourage reader involvement in our ongoing pursuit of accuracy and fact-checking. If you spot a factual error in any of our content, please inform us, and we’ll investigate and take necessary corrective actions. To report a potential factual error, please email us by filling out this form.

Independence and Impartiality

CharbelNemnom upholds the values of independent, impartial, and fair journalism. Editorial content remains uninfluenced by our advertisers. Every member of the CharbelNemnom team adheres to high standards of honesty and transparency.

We maintain a clear demarcation between advertising and editorial content. Any “Sponsored Content” is labeled to explicitly indicate that it’s provided by or on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor.

In line with our mission to offer informative content aiding problem-solving and inspiration, we’re dedicated to unbiased, comprehensive product and service reviews. Our reviews stem from wholly independent research and product testing. Clicking on “affiliate links” within our content may result in commissions, but these do not influence the content of our recommendations.

CharbelNemnom authors and editors are barred from favoring any external resource based on their relationship with the resource’s author or owner, whether it’s a company, publication, video, affiliate, or website.

All our authors and editors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest—financial, personal, or relational with any source or resource—that might compromise their ability to provide fair information. Occasionally, our editorial teams receive complimentary products or services for review, which we transparently disclose. Our contributors abstain from soliciting gifts or services for personal use.


Our goal at CharbelNemnom is to furnish original, valuable, and unbiased content. All information is verified, properly attributed, and respects copyright and intellectual property rights.

Allegations of plagiarism undergo thorough investigation and could lead to dismissal. Contributors and authors on our network are expected to abide by applicable laws, standards, and journalistic practices.

Content Integrity

We staunchly uphold the quality and credibility of our content and editorial processes. Our team of authors, editors, fact-checkers, illustrators, photographers, and professionals from technical fields continually researches and reviews content to ensure it remains updated, accurate, and reader-centric.

Each article and guide carries a byline featuring the contributor’s name, a brief description, and a link for more information. The date denotes the article’s most recent update. Some articles also include a tagline providing additional information on research or authorship.

Original illustrations, graphics, images, and videos are created in-house, collaborating with field experts to represent diverse perspectives and voices. Periodic reviews by editors and appropriate review board members ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of these assets. Photos and videos remain unedited if any changes might render them false or misleading.

We transparently correct any factual errors and encourage readers to highlight errors for our attention.

All our authors, editors, and contributors are obliged to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Our editorial content remains uninfluenced by advertisers. We maintain a clear separation between advertising and editorial content, ensuring clear differentiation between the two.

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