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Here you go with a new free eBook gift from Altaro Software. The eBook is called Explored: 7 Key Areas of Hyper-V and it’s a detailed guide to help improve the core areas of a Hyper-V environment.


The eBook consists of 7 Chapters as the following:

Chapter 1: Seven Keys to Hyper-V Security
Manage Access to Virtual Machine Functions
Group Policy
File, Folder, and Share Security
The Network
The Guests
Patches and Hotfixes

Chapter 2: Hyper-V Manager – An Introduction
How to Acquire Hyper-V Manager
Enabling Hyper-V Manager
Interface Quick Tour
Differences between Hyper-V Manager and System Center Virtual Machine Manager
Hyper-V Cluster Integration
Failover Cluster Manager

Chapter 3: Set Up Native Net work Teams for Hyper-V
The GUI Way
The PowerShell Way
Related Cmdlets
Notes on the Windows Team
Link Aggregation and Bandwidth

Chapter 4: A Quick Guide to Hyper-V’s Virtual Switch
What You Get
The Fine Print

Chapter 5: Hyper-V Virtual CPUs
Physical Processors are Never Assigned to Specific Virtual Machines
Start by Understanding Operating System Processor Scheduling
Taking These Concepts to the Hypervisor
What about Processor Affinity?
How Does Thread Scheduling Work?
What Does the Number of vCPUs I Select Actually Mean?
But Can’t You Assign More Total vCPUs to all VMs than Physical Cores?
What’s The Proper Ratio of vCPU to pCPU/Cores?
What about Reserve and Weighting (Priority)?
But What About Hyper-Threading?

Chapter 6: Proper Use of Hyper-V Dynamic Disks
Terminology Clarification
What Dynamically Expanding Disks Are
How Dynamic VHD s Operate in the Real World
Making Fragmentation Go Away

Chapter 7: Connecting Hyper-V to Storage
Internal/Direct-Attached Disks
Prepare a Local Disk for Usage
Prepare a Storage Spaces Volume for Usage
Fibre Channel
Multi-Path I/O (MPIO)
SMB 3.0
Storage for a Hyper-V Cluster

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