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Applications that are deployed in Microsoft Azure often comprise different but related cloud resources, such as virtual machines, web applications, SQL databases, virtual networks among others. Before the introduction of Azure Resource Manager (Azure V2), it was necessary to define and provision these resources imperatively. However, Azure Resource Manager gives you the ability to define and provision these resources with their configuration and associated parameters declaratively in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) template file, known as an Azure Resource Manager template.

Are you looking to get started with Azure Resource Manager and Azure IaaS deployment with JSON templates?

I wrote a series of 3 blog posts on this subject that I’ve published in collaboration with StarWind Software.

Check the Step by step guides on StarWind blog by selecting the desired section below:

Part I: The benefits of Azure Resource Manager and resource groups, and analyze the Quick Start Azure Resource Manager templates that are available on GitHub.

Part II: Create and configure a GitHub account and check how you can integrate Visual Studio Code with Git and push commits to a remote Git repository.

Part III: Deploy custom JSON templates using the Azure portal, and finally deploy the custom template using Windows PowerShell with 4 different methods.

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