How to Switch a VM From Dynamic IP To Static IP Pool in Virtual Machine Manager? #VMM #SCVMM #SysCtr #HyperV

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Published on | Updated on December 30, 2020

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Hello folks,

This blog post is meant to show you how you can move a virtual machine from Dynamic IP to static IP Pool in VMM for your virtual machines post deployments.

I deployed recently a virtual machine from VM Templates, however during the deployment, I missed to select IP address to be Static IP (from a static IP Pool).

What I ended-up with a VM without an IP address.


A little bit of context about IP Pool in VMM.

An IP Pool is like a DHCP server. There is an IP address range, where you can configure basic options such as gateway, the suffixes DNS and DNS itself, etc… An IP Pool is associated to a VM Subnet that belong to a VM network. For each VM Subnet it is possible to create one or more IP Pool while the IP addresses in the range belong to the VM subnet.

So after the VM is deployed, you cannot change the IP address mode in the UI from Dynamic to Static, the option will be greyed out as shown in the following screenshot.


If we click on Connection details… we can see the VM has no IP address assigned.


So what is the solution then… PowerShell of course!

By running the following script we can update the IP address from Dynamic to Static IP Pool on the fly while the VM is running.

Switch From Dynamic IP To Static IP Pool.

Switch From Dynamic IP To Static IP Pool in Virtual Machine Manager.

File Name : Set-SCVMIPAddressMode.ps1
Author    : Charbel Nemnom
Date      : 01-Mar-2016
Version   : 1.0
Requires  : PowerShell Version 3.0 or above, VMM IP Pools defined
OS        : Windows Server 2012 R2 with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2

To provide feedback or for further assistance please visit:
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.EXAMPLE ./Set-SCVMIPAddressMode -VMMServer <VMMServerName> -VM <VMName> This example will switch <VMName> from Dynamic IP to Static IP Pool and assign a static IP Address #> [CmdletBinding()] param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage='VMM Server Name')] [Alias('VMMServer')] [String]$VMMServerName, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage='Virtual Machine Name')] [Alias('VM')] [String]$VMName ) $VM = Get-SCVirtualMachine -Name $VMName # Select The VM Network $VMNetwork = Get-SCVMNetwork -VMMServer $VMMServerName | Out-Gridview -PassThru -Title 'Select VM Network' # Select the VM Subnet $VMSubnet = Get-SCVMSubnet -VMMServer $VMMServerName -VMNetwork $VMNetwork | Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Select VM Subnet' # Select the IP Address Pool $IPPool = Get-SCStaticIPAddressPool -VMMServer $VMMServerName -VMSubnet $VMSubnet | Out-GridView -PassThru -Title 'Select IP Address Pool' # Select which Virtual NIC you want to apply Static IP Mode $NIC = Get-SCVirtualNetworkAdapter -VMMServer $VMMServerName -VM $VM.Name | Out-Gridview -PassThru -Title 'Select VMs vNIC' # Get free IP address from the IP Pool $IPAddress = Grant-SCIPAddress -GrantToObjectType VirtualNetworkAdapter -GrantToObjectID $VM.VirtualNetworkAdapters[($NIC.SlotID)].ID -StaticIPAddressPool $IPPool -Description $VM.Name # Allocate to the vmNIC an IP Address from the IP Pool Set-SCVirtualNetworkAdapter -VMMServer $VMMServerName -VirtualNetworkAdapter $VM.VirtualNetworkAdapters[($NIC.SlotID)] -VMNetwork $VMNetwork -IPv4AddressType Static -IPv4Addresses $IPAddress.Address

.\Set-SCVMIPAddressMode.ps1 -VMMServerName VMM01 -VMName DEMO-VM

When the job is completed, look back at the VM properties in VMM, we can see the IP address is set to Static IP (from a static IP Pool).


Click on Connection details… to check if the VM has an IP address allocated from the IP Pool.


And lastly, login to the VM and ensure that these settings are reflected within the guest Operating System as well.


That’s it. Have a good one!



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