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Hello folks,

If you are in the world of IT, which of course you do since you are reading this blog, then you have heard about Packt Publishing.

I have a good news for you today.

Packt Publishing has reduced the price of its PacktLib subscription service as it rolled out dozens of new features and improvements to give you the best experience possible to stay on top of the curve and get the skills you need when you need them.

For just $100 a year you have access to every single book in Packt’s huge library of over 3,000 strong eBooks and videos, especially the latest releases that are available as soon as they’re published. That means no more waiting around to get an edge on other developers.

With new books and videos added every week and a brand new progress tracker for each book you can leave and come back to sections when you need to – it’s that simple!

I have subscribed to this service, it’s very convenient for me to get access to the entire library without getting worried about which book I need to purchase. Library as a Service (LaaS) is the new terminology besides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Winking smile

All you have to do is set up a subscription to get access to the whole library service for a full year.

Enjoy this offer.

Until then… enjoy your day!



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