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Microsoft Azure Stack is now Generally Available #AzureStack #Azure #Microsoft #DevOps

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The moment that we all have waited for Azure Stack launch!

Microsoft just announced the release of Azure Stack at the Microsoft Inspire partner event in Washington DC.

Azure Stack is an extension of public Azure, offering a truly consistent hybrid cloud platform from Azure datacenters all the way to edge locations such as mine shafts, factory floors or cruise ships. Microsoft partnered with Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo, and announced that Microsoft Azure Stack integrated systems are now available to order. Microsoft have delivered Azure Stack software to the hardware partners, to begin the certification process for their integrated systems, with the first systems to begin shipping Worldwide in September 2017. Cisco, Avanade will also sell Azure Stack as integrated system later this year as well as Huawei which is expected to be commercially available by Q1 of 2018.

Download and Deploy Azure Stack Development Kit

You can download Azure Stack Development Kit (formerly known as Azure Stack POC) RTM bits from the following link:

Download the Deployment Checker for Azure Stack Development Kit to determine that your hardware meets the requirements.

Deploy the Azure Stack Development Kit.

You can download the latest Platform as a Service (PaaS) bits from the following link:

Download the latest bits for SQL Resource Provider.

Download the latest bits for MySQL Resource Provider.

Download the latest bits for Application Services.

Download the App Services helper scripts.

Deploy Platform as a Service (PaaS) services for Azure Stack.

The multi-node deployment bits can be deployed only through the certified hardware partners list above.

Monitoring Azure Stack

The Systems Center 2016 Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack for Azure Stack has officially gone GA as well. The System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to monitor the availability of the Azure Stack Infrastructure. The management pack runs on a specified resource pool and then uses various Azure Stack APIs to remotely discover and collect instrumentation information, such as a Deployments, Regions and Alerts. The Management Pack for Microsoft Azure Stack provides no functionality on import. For each Microsoft Azure Stack deployment you want to monitor, you must configure discovery and monitoring by first using the Add Deployment wizard in the administration section of the OM Console.

Download Management Pack for Azure Stack

How to Buy Azure Stack

Azure Stack offers pay-as-you-use pricing, just like you get with Azure. Azure Stack can also be deployed in a disconnected mode. For the disconnected operating mode, Microsoft offer a capacity model pricing package—a fixed fee, annual subscription based on the number of physical cores in your system.

For more information, you can download Azure Stack pricing and data sheet from the following link:

Azure Stack is delivered as an integrated system with software installed by the hardware partners only on pre-qualified hardware. You must purchase Azure Stack hardware and hardware support directly from these hardware partners. Learn more about integrated systems from hardware partners here.

Azure Stack Resources

Download the following white paper and datasheet to learn more about how you can extend Azure Stack to make Azure services available on-premises:

Download Azure Stack Whitepaper

Download the Azure Stack datasheet

Azure Stack Documentation and Quick Start Guide

Make sure to leverage the latest Azure Stack Tools, download the following scripts and tools that help you use Azure and Azure Stack:

Download AzureStack-Tools

Happy Azure Stacking Day!


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