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Microsoft Released Update Rollup 2.1 for System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager #SCVMM #VMM

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Today, Microsoft released Update Rollup (UR2.1) for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016.

Apart from all fixes in Update Rollup 2, the fixes for the following issues are included in this Update Rollup 2.1:

  • You can’t update VM hardware profile properties for VMs with dynamic memory after you install Update Rollup 2. The error that you receive occurs because the startup memory in the Console is reset to 1 every time you open the VM Properties dialog box for a VM where Dynamic Memory is enabled. This issue is only a display issue; the actual memory of the VM is not affected.
  • Virtual Machine Manager 2016 shows Total Capacity and Available Capacity as 0 GB for existing file shares in the NAS arrays.

Go to the following websites to manually download the update packages from the Microsoft Download Center or check online for updates from Microsoft Windows Update.

Download icon

Download the Virtual Machine Manager Server update package now.

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Download the Administrator Console update package now.

Update Rollup 2 – VMM Version: 4.0.2043.0


Update Rollup 2.1 – VMM Version: 4.0.2051.0




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