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Microsoft Unveils New HyperV Containers Technology and Nano Server For The Next #WindowsServer #CloudOS

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Hello folks,

Hyper-V unplugged at number one is yet another amazing milestone achievement for Microsoft.

Microsoft just announced a new Hyper-V Containerization technology as well as new Windows Server deployment called Nano Server, a purpose-built Operating System designed to run born-in-the-cloud applications and containers.


Hyper-V Containers and Windows Server Containers [Image Credit: Microsoft]

1- Nano Server is a minimal footprint installation of Windows Server that is highly optimized for the cloud, and ideal for containers.

2- Hyper-V containers offer an additional deployment option with enhanced isolation powered by Hyper-V between Windows Server containers and the Hyper-V virtual machine.

More details about these technologies can be found here and here.

Stay tuned for more details on these new innovations.




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