Migrate VMware VMs to Hyper-V using MVMC 2.0

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The MVMC in its version 2.0 now released few years back originally, it’s a tool that help folks to convert VMware Workloads into Hyper-V, but the new capability in version 2.0 is able to convert VMware Virtual Machine into Hyper-V and to Microsoft Azure if you see this fit as well.

The difference between version 1.0 and 2.0, aside of the conversion to Azure there is also native PowerShell API that previously wasn’t that help to automate key tasks. The other key changes with this release support the latest VMware version 5.5 (either managed by vCener or standalone ESXi host) and the latest guest Operating Systems.

The version 1.0 of MVMC didn’t support any Linux guests, however with version 2.0 does bring support for Linux such as (Redhat, Ubuntu, Suse Linux, Centos, Debian, etc…).

Until this point in time, MVMC can do conversion to Generation 1 Virtual Machine only, if you need to convert to Generation 2, you have to go through 2 steps, first convert to Hyper-V and then run Hyper-V generation 2 VM conversion utility from here.

Now during the conversion process, you can convert a running VMs or offline either way, the key part is when the conversion is taking place, the VMware tools will be removed and bring it across Hyper-V.

Notes: You need to take into consideration the original size of the Virtual Machine running on VMware which includes the original disk .vmdk file and the conversion to .vhd or .vhdx, you effectively need double of space on your conversion machine. If you have static IP address assigned in yours VMs in VMware, MVMC doesn’t bring the static IP address into Hyper-V. 

So now, let’s see VMware into Hyper-V conversion:


Select the migration destination to Azure or to Hyper-V… Smile


Select your Hyper-V Host.


Select the path where you want to store the converted disk .vhd or .vhdx


Select your vCenter, or ESXi host.


Choose the desired Virtual Machine to convert…


Provide a user name with enough privilege in order for MVMC to uninstall VMware Tools, then choose the state of source and destination Virtual Machine (On/Off).


Select the temp workplace conversion on the local MVMC machine.


Review the details…


And here you go… Grab one cup of coffee and you are done Smile


You can download MVMC 2.0 free from here.



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