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My First Book Reviewed: Hyper-V Best Practices 2012 R2 #HyperV #PacktPub

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Hello folks,

For the past few months, I’ve been busy working as “Technical Reviewer” for the book title: “Hyper-V Best Practices

And guess what? I Just received good news that it is finally published by Packt Publishing.

The book is authored by my fellow Hyper-V MVP Benedict Berger.


This book is intended for those who already have some basic experience with Hyper-V, and now want to gain additional capabilities and knowledge of Hyper-V.

Here is a sneak peak of how the book page looks like Winking smile:

When you click on “Credits” link, you will see my name:- (Under Reviewers)


Here is my acknowledgement:- (Charbel Nemnom)


Here is the detailed table of contents and what to expect to learn after reading this book:

Chapter 1: Accelerate Hyper-V Deployment
Why Hyper-V projects fail?
Planning your environment
Preparing your host systems
Creating unattended installation files
Adding basic components
Which edition to install
To GUI or not to GUI
Hyper-V hosts in Active Directory domains
Activating Hyper-V features
Post-installation tasks
Antivirus on a Hyper-V host
Setting the Pagefile
Creating virtual machines

Chapter 2: High Availability Scenarios
Preparing for High Availability

Chapter 3: Backup and Disaster Recovery
Protecting a Hyper-V environment
Hyper-V Replica
Azure Site Recovery
Backup of virtual machines

Chapter 4: Storage Best Practices
Storage overview
SANs versus SOFS
Storage Spaces and tiering
Multipath I/O
Cluster Shared Volumes
Data deduplication
Storage Quality of Service
NTFS versus Resilient File System
The iSCSI target

Chapter 5: Network Best Practices
Networking overview
NIC Teaming
Converged networking
Storage network
SMB Direct
Advanced networking options

Chapter 6: Hyper-V Performance Tuning
Measuring performance
Performance tuning
Hyper-V benchmarking
Hyper-V for virtual desktops

Chapter 7: Management with System Center
Microsoft System Center

Chapter 8: Migration to Hyper-V 2012 R2
Upgrading single Hyper-V hosts
Migrating VMware virtual machines

Do you want to accelerate and deploy Hyper-V right from the first time? Then I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of this book here.

Enjoy reading!



Demo: Storage Spaces Tiering in Action #StorageSpaces #HyperV

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