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Published on | Updated on December 30, 2020

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The Azure Backup team just released Azure Backup reporting using Azure PowerBI. This new rich reporting capabilities is in Preview right now and is targeting Azure IaaS virtual machines including Azure Recovery Services for on-premises Windows Server file/folder backup items.

If you already have a PowerBI account, you can go to Azure Backup portal, first you need to go Settings blade and then select Backup Reports under MONITORING AND REPORTS as shown in the following screenshot:

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 1

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Step 1:

In step 1, you need to configure the storage account to store Azure Backup Reports by clicking on Configure as shown in the following screenshot:

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 2

In the Diagnostic settings blade, you need to specify the storage account which will be used to store the archived data.

You can also stream to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs. A highly scalable publish-subscribe event that can intake millions of events per second—you can transform and store data for further processing.

The last option is, you can also send data to OMS Log Analytics as target to store the data.

The log retention will apply only to storage account, and you can configure the retention up to 365 days for Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 3

Click Save when you are done with the configuration.

Step 2:

In step 2, you need to connect Azure Backup Vault to your PowerBI account. To do so, click Sign in.

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 4

In the PowerBI portal, search for Azure Backup, select the Content Pack and then click connect.

Enter the same storage account name that you configured for Azure Backup Reporting, and then provide the storage account key for authentication.

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 5

Click Sign in and the data will start to upload. Please note that this may take some time to upload.

After successful import you can see the data in Azure Backup Dashboard as shown in the following screenshot.

New! Azure Backup Rich Reporting Using Azure PowerBI #AzureBackup #Azure #PowerBI 6
In the Summary page, you can see how much storage you are consuming, how many alerts, failure and success rate…

In the Storage page, you will see more in depth of the data, i.e. what are the top 5 backup consuming data…

In the Backup Items page, you can see the total backup items and the list of Backup Items with Last Successful / No Successful backup time…

In the Job Health page, you can see the distribution of jobs by job status, the distribution of failed jobs, the top 5 Backup job failures, the top 5 Restore job failures…

In the Job Duration page, you can see the top 5 backup items with maximum Backup duration, the top 5 backup items with maximum Restore duration…

Last but not least, you can create your own custom reports and then you can use it for further analytics…

With Azure Backup Service and PowerBI, you don’t need to deploy SQL Server Reporting Services or write your own program to actually see all this information.

As of this writing, the reporting feature is available in certain geographies currently. It will be available broadly very soon.

Stay Tuned!

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