On-Demand Azure Security Webinar – Raise The Bar For Security With Azure Security @Microsoft @MS_ITPro

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I am happy to announce that my webinar is available on-demand now, you can watch it anytime here.

In this webinar, I talked about Azure Security Management and discussed about the different security features that will help you on strengthen your security posture in Azure.

I am excited to invite you to watch the webinar for a deep dive into Azure Security Management. Azure provides protection across all endpoints, from sensors to datacenters. Using targeted signals, behavioral monitoring, and machine learning it is able to detect threats, before it affects your business. Azure Security Management also reduces the reaction time between the attack and the response, minimizing the damage it can do to your business.

On-Demand Azure Security Webinar – Raise The Bar For Security With Azure Security @Microsoft @MS_ITPro 2

Hope this webinar was useful to you.

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Presenting on AzureSecurity Webinars – Raise The Bar For Security Azure @Microsoft @MS_ITPro

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