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Passing the Azure Network Security Ninja Training

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In this article, we will share with you how to prepare and pass the Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training training.


Data breaches continue to be on the rise as more companies shift to the cloud to expose end-user applications and services to their customers. There are a few ways these types of attacks occur but the attacks require that companies have holistic security programs to protect
all aspects of their cloud deployment, starting with securing the network infrastructure the cloud applications use.

Azure provides robust network infrastructure with options and configurations that allow for simple to complex network designs. This can range from direct public access for applications that need to be accessible everywhere to private hybrid connectivity between on-premises and Azure.

As of February 2nd, 2022, the Microsoft Azure Networking team has announced that in addition to preparing and becoming an Azure Network Security Ninja, you can take a knowledge check and request a certificate of completion if you score 80% or more.

Azure Network Security Ninja Training

The Azure Network Security Ninja training lists many technical resources, organized in a format that can help you go from absolutely no knowledge in Networking to designing, implementing, and securing different scenarios.

The Network Security Ninja training program includes 6 modules starting with the basics up to advanced networking concepts. It includes a presentation for each module with a recording published on YouTube when available, it also supports information relevant to product documentation, blog posts, and other resources.

Regularly, the Azure Networking team is adding new updates to the study guide, and you can track it by checking the last updated date. If you have already studied all the modules and you are ready for the knowledge check, follow the steps below:

Knowledge Check

The knowledge measure for Azure Network Security consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.

I’ve just taken the test myself and I am so happy and grateful now that I passed it the first time with a high passing score of 26/30 without any additional preparation. I work with Azure Networking on regular basis.

Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training: Knowledge Check
Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training: Knowledge Check

You need 80% or 24 points at least to pass this knowledge check. I missed four questions. The good news is, that the knowledge check will show you the correct answers after you submit the quiz, so you can understand better the right answers.

To get started, check out the Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training page. If you have already studied all the modules and are ready for the knowledge check, please go to the direct link here: knowledge check.

Please do not take the knowledge check lightly, some questions are really difficult to answer. You can expect some Azure Networking PowerShell questions, you have plenty of time to answer the questions, with no time limit. Additionally, the knowledge check is regularly updated, so you will see new questions added.

Once you pass, you’ll be able to request the self-attestation by filling out the form on this page. Please note that it might take a week to receive the certificate in your inbox similar to the one below. It makes a nice addition to your list of certifications and accomplishments on LinkedIn.

Please note that this is NOT an “official” certification, but (as a tip) the effort looks good if you place the certificate as shown in the image below with your current work experience.

Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training: Certificate of Completion
Microsoft Azure Network Security Ninja Training: Certificate of Completion

This shows a record of your impact and is useful for keeping track of your efforts for those annual awards discussions with your manager.

Last but not least, I want to thank the entire Microsoft Azure Networking team who prepared the Ninja Training and the Knowledge Check.

Other Microsoft Ninja Training Certifications

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