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StarWind Software Inc. News 3 August 2015

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Hello folks,

Here are the latest news from StarWind Software Inc.

1. Neue ‪Microsoft Storage Best Practices für Hyper-V und SQL Server: SMB 3.0 und Scale-Out File Servers (In Deutsch)


Datum: 5 August, 2:00 CEST

Vortraghalter: Taras Schwed, IT-Systemingenieur

Windows Server 2012 R2 bietet SMB 3.0 als neue Generation der schnellen und bequemen Speicher für Hyper-V und ‪‎SQL Servers an. In diesem Webcast erfahren Sie, wie Sie eine hoch verfügbare, robuste und kostengünstige SoFS Cluster mit maximaler Leistung und minimaler Hardware erstellen können.

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2. Are you the one who has missed StarWind webinar ‘StarWind H-CP: Hyper-V’s Most Integrated Hyper-Converged Platform’?

It is now available here!

A Hyper-Converged plug-n-play solution is the simplest way to build your virtualization infrastructure, saving time and effort by integrating servers, storage, network, management software and backup. Not only does this platform solve the problem of virtualization deployment complexity, it also saves you at least 40% of the cost compared to getting the same components separately.

Learn more about Hyper-Converged Platform by watching the recorded webinar!

Also, if you would be interested in sharing these articles for StarWind:

· “StarWind Software’s Hyper-Converged Platform (H-CP) Solution Meets SMB Needs” by David Marshall

· “My Home Lab Converged Infrastructure Challenge” by Eiad Al-Aqqad

· “Convert Different Virtual Images with a Free Tool: StarWind V2V Converter” by Lai Yoong Seng



Update Rollup 7 for System Center 2012 R2 is Now Available #SysCtr #SystemCenter #VMM

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