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Storage Migration “Operation not allowed for VM because Hyper-V State is yet to be initialized from Virtual Machine Configuration” (0x80070015) #HyperV

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When trying to migrate a VM storage to a local device or through iSCSI using Hyper-V Manager or PowerShell you could see this:




The only solution that works is to restart the Hyper-V management service.

Restart-Service -Name VMMS

Get-VM -ComputerName HV05 | Out-GridView -Title "Select one or more VMs to Live Migrate" -PassThru | Move-VMStorage -DestinationStoragePath "V:\VMs\"



I was moving the VM including the storage, and I lost the connectivity to the iSCSI storage, thus the VM storage migration failed. When I attempt to migrate the VM again, the storage migration failed with error 0x80070015.

Hope this helps!



StarWind News September 11th, 2015 @starwindsan

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