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Today I just passed the Unidesk Certified Professional and Operator exams!

Since I focus on Microsoft virtualization technology I always try to be certified in the specific areas where I focused on.

I started working with Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Remote Desktop Services, so it made sense to learn more about the VDI solutions offered from Microsoft partner Unidesk and earn the certifications. For the Microsoft VDI + Unidesk part, Microsoft has chosen Unidesk as its application delivery and image management partner for Microsoft VDI and Azure. Unidesk layering innovation extends the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V platforms to overcome the management challenges that face every VDI project. Unidesk is Microsoft’s partner for bringing application mobility to Windows customers. By extending the native capabilities of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Azure, Microsoft VDI becomes more scalable, easier to manage, and suitable for all use cases.

Unidesk has two certifications:

UCP: Unidesk Certified Professional


UCO: Unidesk Certified Operator


Many think that RDS and Hyper-V are behind Citrix and VMware when it comes to VDI which is wrong. By leveraging Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services, together with partner solutions such as Unidesk, you can achieve the holy grail of VDI:

1. Simplicity to mitigate VDI project risk.
2. Higher quality of service for end users.
3. Greater agility for businesses.
4. Lower cost than buying new physical PCs.

Here’s how Unidesk leverages the full Windows Server 2012 R2 features set to maximize your ROI and reduce VDI costs:

  • RD Connection Broker
    The Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Broker (RDCB) enables users to connect to Unidesk-provisioned virtual desktops from any device, and provides load balancing to divide loads between multiple servers in the Microsoft VDI farm.
  • RDS Collections
    Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Collections enable groups of desktops to be managed together. Unidesk scales RDS to thousands of users by enabling the same Windows OS and app layers to be used by all collections for patch-once efficiency, and by replacing PowerShell scripting and manual collection operations with simple, GUI-based management.
  • RDP with RemoteFX
    Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with RemoteFX provides secure, high performance access to Unidesk-provisioned virtual desktops. Starting with Windows 8.1, RDP includes WAN optimizations and adaptive encoding features that greatly enhance the performance of graphics-intensive apps and high-definition video.
  • Hyper-V
    Hyper-V hosts the Unidesk Management Console and Unidesk CachePoint virtual appliances, as well as desktops provisioned by Unidesk.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk
    Hyper-V’s Virtual Hard Disk (VHDX) format is used to store Unidesk Windows OS, application, and personalization layers as their own virtual disks. Using this standard format makes layers easier to replicate, move, and recover.
  • Hyper-V Data Deduplication
    Hyper-V now offers built-in data deduplication that radically reduces space requirements for both non-persistent and persistent virtual desktops created by Unidesk.
  • Hyper-V Dynamic Memory
    The Dynamic Memory feature helps attain higher VM consolidation numbers and improved reliability for restart operations.
    This can lead to lower costs, especially in pooled VDI environments that have idle or low-load virtual machines.

If you want to learn more about the Microsoft and Unidesk partnership, please check here: Unidesk 3.0 Brings Simplicity and Scalability to Microsoft VDI.


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