Virtual Machine Migration Failed at Migration Source… Could not get VHD GUID!

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Hello Folks,

Let’s continue our migration project from the last Post using Cross-Version Live Migration, I came across another issue this time as well.

Let’s dig quickly into the scenario.

  • HOST A Source – Hyper-V Server 2012
  • HOST B Destination – Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
  • Network bandwidth 100Mbps Local LAN on the same site due to hardware limitation :(

Here we go…

Host A Source Hyper-V 2012:MigrationFailed01

Live Migrating a big VM with Fixed Virtual Disk .VHDX @ 353 GBMigrationFailed02


And here is the Error :( Virtual Machine Migration Operation Failed at Migration Source…


Let’s check the source and destination Virtual Machine location…




Let’s try to delete the Virtual Machine files from HOST B…

The Virtual Machine files could not be deleted as you can see…


Let’s stop and start the Virtual Machine Management Service on the source and destination Hosts.

Net stop vmms

Net start vmms

Delete again the Virtual Machines files on the destination Host and here you go, the moving operation is succeeded now :)


You may ask why this error occurred at first, right? Well, when I initiated the moving operation for the first time, the network get interrupted during the night and the Cross-Version Live Migration failed… When I tried to repeat the process, the Migration Operation failed…

As you can see, the Migration link is saturated @ 100Mbps… and the moving operation took 9 hours to complete on this extremely slow network!

Thanks to Ben, Hyper-V Program Manager which provided us with this cool feature to make our life easier to migrate from Hyper-V 2012 to 2012 R2 during working hours and even in a slow network… you can start the process, take a long nap and then come back :)


Hope this has been useful.

Until next time… Enjoy your day!



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