A New Virtual Desktop could not be created. Verify that all Hyper-V Servers have the correct network configuration…

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Hello Folks,

The new BYOD era is expanding number of devices every day, Operating Systems, and applications as well as the constant expectation that we all should be able to access vital information from anywhere anytime.

But… how about accessing the Remote Applications from other platforms??? You can get the Microsoft Remote Desktop App free for each platform below:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Sessions and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, users can connect to their Personal or Pooled collection of Virtual Machines, RD sessions, and RemoteApp programs within a single sign-on web based client or Remote Desktop App client:


And with Server Manager you have a nice overview of all the RDS components in a single pane of glass…


More information about Remote Desktop Services Overview can be found here.

Well during the creation of my Pooled VDI collection, the Virtual Desktops failed with the following provisioning error:


As you can see the virtual desktop could not be created from the virtual desktop template.

First thing first you might think that the VM Template where the Pooled VDI is created from could be misconfigured.

Note: You cannot use the new Hyper-V Generation 2 VMs as a VDI template even in Windows Server 2012 R2.

Let’s check first if the VM template is created as Generation 1, and sure enough it is:PoolVDI-03.1

Next, if we continue reading the error message, you can see: [Verify that all the Hyper-V Servers in the deployment have the correct network configuration…]. As you know Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RD Virtualization Host) integrates with Hyper-V role to deploy Pooled or Personal virtual desktop collections.

What a good admin must do in this kind of situation? is to check the Event LogSmile

So let’s have a look then:


As you can see Warning in the event log.
What this event is saying that you have a MAC conflict: A port on the virtual switch has the same MAC as one of the underlying team members on Team Nic Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver.

Let’s sort all the Virtual NICs, Physical NICs and MAC addresses using PowerShell.

PS C:\Get-netadapter | sort macaddress


As you can see we have MAC address conflict!

One note to mention that this host is deployed and managed using Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 and we are using Converged Network Fabric.

Now as per Microsoft, this conflict should not cause any issue as long as the team member that has the same MAC as the Virtual NIC remains in the same team, but if that team member is removed from this team and attempt to operate in a standalone mode with the same MAC, then we will have a duplicate MAC address on the network assuming that the Virtual NIC is also in operation state.

More information about How to Set the Static MAC Address Range for Virtual Network Devices in VMM.

I don’t like to see Warnings or Errors in the event log, so to avoid the MAC address conflict, we can change the MAC of the Team (Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor). The operation is straightforward, you can jump into the properties of the team interface, then click the Configure button, then select the Advanced tab, MAC Address\Value:

Let’s now try to re-create the VDI Pool again and see how it goes…


Unfortunately we still have the same error Sad smile

What could be the problem then? Thinking smile

The issue is around the network configuration for this VM Template, I remember that I assigned a static IP Address while preparing and updating the template.

I removed the static IP address, Syspreped the image and then I tried to re-create the Pool, but still no hope!!!

I jumped into my VMM Server, and I revised the Hardware Configuration for this VM Template since It was deployed through VMM.

As you can see, the Virtual Machine template is connected to my Logical Network.

Mummm, Thinking smile Do you think that the RD Virtualization Host is smart enough to understand that the VM Template is connected to a Logical Switch instead of a Standard Switch?


Well let’s change the Virtual Switch from Logical to Standard switch


And here you go the VDI Pool collection is created successfully now Open-mouthed smile


Hope this help.

Enjoy your day!



Step By Step: Create a Converged Network Fabric in VMM #SCVMM

The Integration Services Setup Disk image could not be updated: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (0x80070020).


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  1. After spending quite some time on the same problem I decided to try out the same process but using Win 2012R2. It worked first time.

    so, the combination of windows 2012r2 Hyper-v with windows 2012 doesn’t seem to work and results in, bizarrely, a ‘write error’ when creating the desktop pool.

  2. Thanks Murphy for sharing your feedback.

    Yes, above issue was based on Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V and using Windows 2012 R2 for all RDS roles.


  3. Hi Charbel,

    I’m dealing with a problem and I dont know what could be the origin of the problem.

    After create a new collection I get this error.

    “The integration components in the virtual desktop template are not the correct version”

  4. Hello Maborbones,

    Hope all is well.

    Could you please advise what Generation 1 or 2 / OS are you using for the VM template?


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