Azure Site Recovery will be the new name for Hyper-V Recovery Manager

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Microsoft is listening to us, the most requested feature is to replicate on-premise Virtual Machines to Microsoft Azure.

At TechEd 2014 Microsoft just announced a new Microsoft Azure service called “Azure Site Recovery” that enables failover of Hyper-V virtual machines running on-premise to Microsoft Azure as your DR site.

Azure Site Recovery will be the new name for ‘Hyper-V Recovery Manager’.
As you know the current Hyper-V Recovery Manager service is able to orchestrate a failover and failback using System Center Virtual Machine Manager, however the requirements is having two sites (primary/secondary) managed by the customer, but Azure cannot be used to run virtual machines in a failover scenarios.

Now with the new Azure Site Recovery that will go in preview in June 2014, it will allow VM replication to Azure Data Center set as schedule of every 30 seconds, 5 or 15 minutes same replication frequency as in Hyper-V Replica with maximum of 15 recovery points.

Last but not least, the new service will allow to map on-premise networks to Azure networks and it has recovery plans defined as a group. This enables IT administrators to control the sequence which virtual machines are started first and which are started last in case of a failover.

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The Virtual Machine cannot be moved to the destination computer. The Hardware on the destination computer is not compatible with the hardware requirements of this Virtual Machine.

TechEd NA 2014 – What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V?


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