End of The Year 2015 With Last Microsoft Exam: MCSD – Azure Solutions Architect #Azure #Microsoft #CloudArchitect

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I just passed the last Microsoft Azure exam for the MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect on the first attempt! So I figured I would share my experience in this article.

With Public and Hybrid Cloud scenarios becoming more and more important in today’s businesses, I started working with Microsoft Azure, because the IT industry is completely transitioning, and this change will also have impact on many companies. You cannot ignore this change. I do see the benefit in taking this exam as it will help you to stay relevant with Microsoft Azure public cloud offerings well into the future.

As for the Azure exam, Microsoft has a certificate called MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect which includes three following different exams:

End of The Year 2015 With Last Microsoft Exam: MCSD - Azure Solutions Architect #Azure #Microsoft #CloudArchitect 2

By passing one of the above exams you will earn a Microsoft Specialist certification.

I already passed 70-533 at the end of 2014, since this was my primary topic I am focusing on, but with DevOps scenarios becoming more important, I decided to prepare also for 70-532, which is focused on the Developer site of Azure, and the 70-534, which is an architecture exam. Bringing IT Pro and Developer skills together in this Mobile-First, Cloud-First world, it makes totally sense. IT Pros will have to learn some basic developer skills to make sure they can keep up with the fast moving to the cloud world.

Do not take the exam lightly at all! Overall, I spent several weeks preparing for the exam. In addition to performing my daily work and going through all of the materials below, having said that I lighted a candle just before the exam, and then did my best. To be honest I barely passed the 70-534 exam J

If you want to prepare for the exams as well, with my disclaimer and acknowledgement out of the way, here’s the material that I used in preparation:


The Exam Ref 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions book from Microsoft Press is an excellent resource to use for studying for the exam.

Azure Documentation


Azure Free Trial

Get a Microsoft Azure Subscription today and start playing and testing

Azure Technical Documentation Library


Azure Best Practices


Practice Tests

Skilled MeasureUp 70-534 Practice Test




Great blog post by my fellow MVP Anders Eide

I hope this list of resources helps you to pass the exam and earn your Azure certification… Good Luck!

Think Cloud! Think Azure!



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Get The Most Out of the Cloud with System Center and Azure #SysCtr #Azure #OMS


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