Get The Most Out of the Cloud with System Center and Azure #SysCtr #Azure #OMS

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Get The Most Out of the Cloud with System Center and Azure #SysCtr #Azure #OMS 2

If your company is considering moving to the Public Cloud or has recently moved to the Cloud, and you would like to know how to “Make the most of the Cloud with Microsoft System Center & Azure“, then you should download Savision’s new whitepaper written by SCOM Expert, Daniel Örneling.

The whitepaper talks about how a Hybrid solution can offer many Private and Public Cloud benefits and capabilities that can help you get the most out of your System Center and Cloud investment. The whitepaper covers the following topics:

– Investing in System Center. Does the Cloud replace your investment or can it work as an extension?

  • How can you connect your on-premise environment to the Cloud?
  • Getting the most out of OMS by using practical use-cases

– What is next for System Center 2016?

Click below to download Savision’s new whitepaper by SCOM Expert, Daniel Örneling to learn how to make the most of the Cloud with System Center and Microsoft Azure.

Get The Most Out of the Cloud with System Center and Azure #SysCtr #Azure #OMS 3




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