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Free Whitepaper! Understand Microsoft Hyper-Converged Solution #WS2016 #HyperV #S2D

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For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with my peer Romain Serre (@RomSerre) in something special for you.

We wanted to bring a new resource about the Microsoft Hyper-Converged solution to the community that is complete, comprehensive, concise, and free. we wanted to share an early copy of this Whitepaper so you can start digging into this new architecture which is coming in Windows Server 2016.

In short, the term Hyper-Converged means compute (Hyper-V) and storage are sharing the same underlying physical hardware.


About the authors
Charbel Nemnom | @CharbelNemnom
Romain Serre        | @RomSerre


From disaggregated systems to Hyper-Convergence, in this whitepaper we will discuss how Microsoft Software-Defined Datacenter has evolved over the years starting from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016, then we will deep dive into Microsoft Software-Defined Storage architecture, and lastly we end up by step by step deployment of Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) using the Hyper-Converged model on top of Nano Servers fully automated.

Table of Contents:

Credit Page
Software-Defined Networking
Software-Defined Compute
Software-Define Storage
Nano Server
Windows Server 2016 Licensing
Implementation Guideline
Nano Servers Deployments
Storage Spaces Direct Deployment
Host a VM on the solution
Storage Quality of Service

It has been a great experience writing this whitepaper as we covered some of the most interesting cool stuff coming in Windows Server 2016, and I have to emphasize that this whitepaper is based on Windows Server 2016 and will also be updated as we move forward to keep up with all the great things that is happening in the Microsoft CloudOS Platform.

This is my first whitepaper on which I participate as an author. You can download it for free from TechNet Gallery GitHub here.

As always, comments, questions or errata you find in this Whitepaper are welcome and encouraged.

I really hope you enjoy it.


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About the Author
Charbel Nemnom
Charbel Nemnom is a Senior Cloud Architect, Swiss Certified ICT Security Expert, Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has over 20 years of broad IT experience serving on and guiding technical teams to optimize the performance of mission-critical enterprise systems with extensive practical knowledge of complex systems build, network design, business continuity, and cloud security.

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