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In Azure Stack, you have the option to retain storage accounts after they have been deleted. However, public Azure does not offer this feature.

When a user deletes a storage account in Azure, the Storage Resource Provider immediately marks the data for deletion. In contrary, when you a delete a storage account in Azure Stack, the account is retained for 0 days by default. I recommend to change the retention period to 14 days.

You can configure the retention period for storage accounts at an Azure Stack region level. This allows you to configure different retention options based on the available capacity within a specific location.

The retention range runs from 0 days, where the Storage Account is marked as out of retention period and can be purged on the next automatic garbage collection, to a maximum of 9999 days (27.4 years).

When you delete a storage account, the account is removed from the user’s subscription and the user is given a notice stating the following:

This action cannot be undone. This will permanently delete storage account ‘<Storage Account Name>’ and its contents.

In this article, I will show you how to recover a deleted storage account in Azure Stack.

Recover a deleted storage account

The following high-level steps show you how to recover a deleted storage account:

  1. In the Azure Stack portal, sign-in as an Azure Stack Cloud Operator at: https://adminportal.local.azurestack.external
  2. Navigate to Region management.
  3. Select the region where the storage account resides.
  4. Select the Storage resource provider.
  5. Select Storage accounts under USER RESOURCES.
  6. Find the required storage account that has been deleted. The name of the storage account would have been changed to “storage account name @<Date/Time of deletion>”.
  7. Select the storage account.
  8. On the Storage account blade, click Recover.
  9. The Storage Account is then renamed to the original storage account name and placed back in the tenant’s subscription.

That’s it there you have it! Hope this helps,

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