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How to Recover Corrupted PDF Files

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A lot of people send and receive text documents daily and most times these documents are in PDF format. It has long since been the widely used format for exchanging documents. If however, you are reading this article you have probably come across problems while trying to open this file because it is corrupted.

In this article, we will be showing you how to recover a corrupted PDF file in a few clicks.


In most cases, it is difficult to determine the reason why the file may be damaged especially since we are not the creators of the file. It could be caused by a power outage, system crash, a virus, or malware but the file can easily be repaired with one of the tools created specifically for this. Recovery software link at

Many programs can repair damaged files, but you must be careful as some of these programs contain viruses, and can easily infect your files or computer, especially those programs that offer free recovery.

Now, when we talk about recovering a corrupted PDF file, Recovery Toolbox for PDF is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use applications. Now the next question we ask is its cost. While this may sound surprising, it is very affordable software that also allows us to pay only to recover a single file.


No! There is no need to buy a license since you only need to use it for a few minutes. You can download the program or repair it online.

Download PDF recovery software
Download PDF recovery software

Backing up is the most important procedure that every PC user must follow. Unfortunately, most of us only remember to book when important data is irretrievably lost, but anything is possible with the right tool. You not only get text and images, but you can also protect your documents with a password.

If your computer contains important documents, work projects, or databases, and not just entertainment content you need to keep them safe. Do not forget about system files and settings, as their corruption can deprive you of access to your account and therefore to your data. Recovery Toolbox company also offers a tool to back up your Outlook, do it now and save your time and nerves in the future!

Recovery Toolbox for PDF

Recovery Toolbox for PDF is one of the most widespread and powerful backup and recovery programs. The program can make copies of individual files, folders, and entire disks. In addition, it includes an arsenal of tools for enhancing system security, boot recovery, rescue media creation, and disk cloning.

Due to its properties, PDF has become very popular among users and today is the recommended standard for publishing documents. Probably, today every computer has its browser.

However, there are also free tools for working with documents. You can easily extract text or images from them, you can also combine or split them into multiple documents, or you can convert files in this format into an editable form. Recovery Toolbox for PDF is a tool that offers these functions for free.

Installing the toolbar

The application is free for non-commercial use, and you can download its installation file from the link under the article. Be careful during installation, however, as the AVG toolbar is also installed by default, which you probably won’t need. The only drawback of the program is the lack of a Czech interface. You will have to be content with English.

After the installation is complete and the program is subsequently launched, the main window is displayed, consisting of a matrix of icons, each of which represents one function of the program. Let’s take a look at some of the fun stuff that a PDF app can do for you.

To recover the pdf file online go to the website:

1) You can see this form. Fill it in with a file that needed to be recovered, enter the email address, enter the captcha and press the “Next step” button.

Enter information for corrupted file upload
Enter information for corrupted file upload

2) Wait for the corrupted file to be recovered.

3) Download the recovered PDF file.

Download the recovered PDF file
Download the recovered PDF file

The data recovered from corrupted PDF documents will be saved by the service as a new Adobe Acrobat/PDF Reader file.


You can download the program on your computer from here:

1) Install the program.

2) Select a damaged file for recovery.

Select a damaged PDF file for recovery
Select a damaged PDF file for recovery

3) Select the name of the output.

Saving PDF file
Saving PDF file

4) Select the PDF version of the output as shown in the figure below.

Select PDF file version
Select PDF file version

5) Finally, click the “Finish” button and see the results.

Recovery results
Recovery results

a) Get text and pictures

You can use Recovery Toolbox for PDF to easily extract text and images from PDF files. When you receive text, you can select a document from which the application selects text, which can then be copied to the clipboard or saved. The ability to preserve text formatting has also proven successful with this feature.

Pictures can be obtained very similarly. You can select several documents for processing at the same time. As a result, all images are stored in the selected folder, with which you can work further.

If you want to further edit the selected document, the PDF to Word feature comes in handy, which offers conversion to RTF format that can be edited in Word. Thanks to this, you can very easily and quickly get an editable form of documents, which is often offered by paid applications.

b) From images to PDF and vice versa

One of the other features of the app is the ability to display pages as images. This option comes in handy, for example, when using vector graphics in a document that you would like to use elsewhere. You can choose lossy JPEG and lossless PNG for export. You can also choose the DPI value, which unfortunately stopped at 300, which may not be enough to maintain quality.

The program also offers the reverse conversion, that is, from images to PDF. With this option, you can create a PDF file, for example, from scanned pages of a book or photos of your vacation.

c) Combining and splitting files

If you have multiple files that you want to combine into one, PDF Shaper can help you with this. Conversely, you can split one file into several separate documents. Even the application supports the ability to select specific pages from which a single document will be compiled.

How can such functions be useful? For example, the merge can be used to merge PDF output from multiple applications into one document, while splitting can be used, for example, to prepare separate black and white and color pages for large documents.

d) File protection and other tools

The listed functions are not all that the program offers. In the lower right corner of the main window, you will find the function to protect your documents. You can set not only the user password required for viewing but also the owner password to unlock the rights, which you can also change. For example, you can prevent users from copying text from documents, printing them, filling out form fields, or adding comments. You can also remove protection from documents if you know the required password.

The last of the not yet mentioned program features are marked as PDF tools in the upper right corner of the icon matrix. You can use these tools to digitally sign or rotate PFX files.

Batch and free

PDF Shaper is a unique set of tools that are often found in paid applications. With this program, you can easily convert PDF documents to editable form, export single pages to images or separate PDFs, and vice versa. At the same time, there are functions for protecting documents with a password, which can be useful for private or confidential information. The main advantages include the ability to process multiple files at once, which speeds up your work.

If you work with PDF files a lot and you need one of the mentioned features, then the program should not be missing on your computer.

Most of the programs presented are paid, but the price of important information stored on disks can be higher than the price of a license, and it’s not just about money. Back up key files and system partitions on time to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises such as disk failures or malware.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment.

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