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4 thoughts on “Move Files Between Azure File Share Tiers”

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  1. I have tested this script – I am getting an issue that this script is only moving files from the base folder. The script is not moving files from folders or subfolders.
    Can you give me a script in which I can move directories/subdirectories as well in cold storage?

  2. Hello Muhammad, thanks for testing this script and providing feedback!
    Yes, the limitation that you mentioned is in the API side of Azure Files and not in this script.
    Today, the list directories and files operation returns a list of files or directories under the specified share or directory.
    It lists the contents ONLY for a single level of the directory hierarchy.
    Hopefully, Microsoft will address this limitation in the next version of this API.
    I’ll update this article as soon as I have any news.

  3. Great writing Charbel!!
    Just like many others, I’m indeed waiting for an integrated solution from Microsoft. Till then I’ll use your solution. Thank you so much!
    Cheers, Marco

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