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Hello Folks,

In today’s quick post, we will monitor our Hyper-V host using Perfmon.

As you know Performance Monitor aka (Perfmon) is a system monitoring program built-in into Windows since Win NT,… it has been developed over the years to include all applications workload.

So let’s dig dive and see how to monitor our Hyper-V host…

Kick-off MMC console and choose Performance monitor:


Right-click and +Add Counter


Add the following counters:

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Balancer\Available Memory *
Hyper-V Dynamic Memory VM\Average Pressure *
Hyper-V Hypervisor Logicol Processor\%Total Run Time *
Hyper-V Hypervisor Root Virtual Processor\%Total Run Time *
Hyper-V Hypervisor Virtual Processor\%Total Run Time *
Hyper-V Virtual Network Adapter\Bytes/sec
Memory\Available MBytes *
Network Adapter\Bytes Total/sec *
Physical Disk\Avg. Disk Bytes/Read *
Physical Disk\Avg. Disk Bytes/Write *
Physical Disk\Avg. Disk Read Queue Length *
Physical Disk\Avg. Disk Write Queue Length *


Change the output from Line/Histogram bar to Report and enjoy the Real-time monitoring.


Don’t forget to save the counters as (Hyper-VMonitor.msc) so you can fire the Real-time monitoring counters at any time.

Hope this has been useful.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!



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