MVP Global Summit 2015 Hall of Fame #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz #MVP #HyperV

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MVP Global Summit 2015 Hall of Fame #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz #MVP #HyperV 2

The MVP summit 2015 is over. It’s been a great week with lots of information and discussions about the future of Hyper-V and Windows Server.

This MVP Summit has been one of the best I’ve attended so far. Microsoft MVP’s from all around the world are being invited to come over to the beautiful Microsoft Campus in Redmond to join various Product Teams and discuss with the Product-Group and have sessions about what’s coming in the Product in the next release, this is of course strictly super NDA.

A special thanks to my MVP lead and to all Hyper-V PMs for all the hard work they’ve done to make this week so interesting.

MVP Global Summit 2015 Hall of Fame #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz #MVP #HyperV 3

On the left (Ben Armstrong, Principal Program Manager Lead on the Hyper-V Team) and on the right (Jeffrey Snover, Inventor of Windows PowerShell and Distinguished Engineer & Lead Architect for Windows Server & System Center Division) – [Image Credit: Charbel Nemnom]

Until then… fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride with Windows Server 2016!

MVP Global Summit 2015 Hall of Fame #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz #MVP #HyperV 4



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