StarWind Updates 6 November 2015 @starwindsan

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StarWind Updates 6 November 2015 @starwindsan 2

Hello folks,

Here are the latest news from StarWind Software Inc.

Upcoming Webinar! VMware and Fault-Tolerance. Which is Better for Your Backup 2 or 3 Nodes Hyperconverged?

Storage replication helps to achieve Virtual Machine #fault-tolerance in your virtualized environment. As the aim of any admin is to maintain 24/7 operations with at least 99.99% uptime, #StarWind makes it possible with its inexpensive 2-node HA configuration. But what is more important, you can achieve 99.9999% uptime with StarWind 3-node HA configuration. Due to synchronous replication, your hyper-converged architecture will keep on working even if 2 of 3 nodes fail. Add solid 3-2-1 #backup rule and enjoy top-of-the-line reliability.
Join our webinar and learn how to achieve fault-tolerance in your #VMware environment. Discover which replication setup, 2-node or 3-node, better suits specific needs of your virtualized architecture.

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Recorded webinar “Your Complete Hyper-Converged Infrastructure in a Single Package”

The webinar is about how to create your own easy-to-use virtualized infrastructure and deployment of your virtualization infrastructure with the necessary software and hardware components. Check it out here!

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It’s Time to Take Off To The MVP Summit 2015 #MVP #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz

MVP Global Summit 2015 Hall of Fame #MVPSummit #MVPbuzz #MVP #HyperV


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