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How To Remove Microsoft Family Features Pop Up – Read This!

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Microsoft family features, keep everyone in your family connected over the Internet, even if they are all in different places. It also gives parents control over their kids’ activities on the internet for their online safety. However the frequent pop-ups from Microsoft family features can get very annoying.

This article will discuss why the Microsoft Family Features pop up, how to turn them off, remove Microsoft Family Features, and much more.

Let’s begin!

Understanding Microsoft Family Features

Microsoft Family Features are a versatile set of tools designed to empower parents to create a secure and nurturing digital environment for their families. With these features, parents can easily manage and monitor their children’s online activities across various Microsoft devices and services. From setting screen time limits and filtering age-appropriate content to receiving insightful activity reports, the platform ensures that families stay informed and engaged in their children’s digital lives.

Microsoft Family Features also facilitate the teaching of responsible online behavior by allowing parents to grant permissions, track device locations, and establish boundaries tailored to their family values. With an intuitive interface and a range of customizable options, Microsoft Family Features offers a practical solution for families seeking to strike a balance between technology use and a safe online experience for their children.

Why Do Microsoft Family Features Pop Up?

Microsoft family features are available on Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs, Android, and iOS smartphones. But the Microsoft family features pop-up message only occurs for Windows users.

The family features’ pop-up message asks users to sign in, so they don’t miss out on the Microsoft family features. Even after you have signed out, these messages will keep popping up.

The possible reasons for this problem could be:

1) If the error message keeps asking you to sign back in frequently, it is because you are using a child account.

2) If you cannot access certain apps, it could be because you have a child account, and the apps have been blocked from the parent account.

3) If you are not using a child’s account and are still seeing the pop-ups, it is a bug from Microsoft’s side.

4) Sometimes malware can pose as an exe file. Check the family feature file for malware before running it, as it could be the reason for spam messages.

Remove Microsoft Family Features Pop-Up

How to get rid of Microsoft Family Features Pop-Up?

Well, there are various ways to stop the Microsoft Family features pop-up messages. Let’s understand all these methods in detail:

Method 1- Leave And Reset The Microsoft Family Group

If you are an adult and still see pop-ups blocking access to apps or asking you to sign in every time you launch the program, you can leave the group and reset the Microsoft Family account.

You can set up the group from your Microsoft account. But make sure to use the same account to sign in after the reset to preserve your information on OneDrive and other Microsoft Office apps.

Follow these steps to reset Microsoft Family Features:

1) Go to and sign into your Microsoft account.

2) To delete all child accounts, select the profile under the child’s account and, under “More Options,” click on “Remove from family group”.

Remove from family group
Remove from the family group

3) Select all adult accounts and remove them from the group.

4) Select the “Leave Group” option next to “Manage Permissions.”

5) The Microsoft family features will automatically reset when the last member also leaves the group.

Method 2- Change Your Birthdate

If you have had a birthday recently and moved into adulthood but are still being blocked from using apps, then there is a glitch from Microsoft’s side, and you can solve this by changing your birthdate.

To do so, you have to:

1) Head over to and sign into your Microsoft account.

2) Click on the profile photo icon in the top-right corner and select “My Microsoft account.”

3) Select “Your info” from the option bar at the top of the page.

4) Navigate to the “Edit Profile Info” option beside your date of birth and select it.

Edit Profile Info | Microsoft Account
Edit Profile Info | Microsoft Account

5) You will be asked to enter your password. Once the password is verified, the “Personal Info” window will open, from where you can edit your birth date.

6) You have to verify your date of birth. The changes you made will go into effect once the verification is complete.

7) If the changes didn’t go live, try restarting your PC.

If the window to change your birth date does not appear, you are below the age of 13, and the parent account is blocking you from changing it.

Method 3- Unlink The Child’s Account From The Family Group

How do I delete a family member’s account?

If you have configured your computer under a child account, you must ask an adult member to remove you from the family group.

This is how adults can remove an account:

1) Open your web browser, go to the page, and sign into your Microsoft account.

2) Navigate to your profile under the child accounts and click “More options”.

3) Select “Remove from family group” from the drop-down menu and click the “Remove” button to confirm.

You'll no longer be able to manage their Family Safety settings and Romeo will lose access to Family Safety features.
Confirm Remove from the family group

You have to restart your PC for the changes to go into effect.

How To Disable Parental Controls?

How do I turn off and disable the Microsoft family?

You can turn off the family settings on Windows 10 and Windows 11 by disabling the parental control feature. But you have to have the administrator’s access to do so.

So, if you are an admin, follow these steps to evade Microsoft Family Controls:

1) Type “Task Manager” in the search bar and press Enter.

2) In the Task Manager window, click on the “Services” tab in the options bar.

3) Scroll down till you see the service titled “WpcMonSvc”, its description will say “Parental Controls”. Right-click on it and press “Stop” from the drop-down menu.

Stop Parental Controls in Task Manager
Stop Parental Controls in Task Manager

4) Once the “Parental Controls” service is stopped, then click on the “Open services” option below.

Parental Controls Open Services in Task Manager
Parental Controls Open Services in Task Manager

5) A new window will pop up. Scroll down until you see “Parental Controls”.

6) Select the service and press right-click.

7) Go to “Properties”, and under “Startup Type”, select the “Disabled” option.

8) Click on “Apply” and then select “OK”.

This will successfully disable Microsoft Family features on your Windows 10/11 PC.

Microsoft Family FAQs

This section is dedicated to answering the most commonly asked questions about the Microsoft Family feature.

What Can Your Parents See Using Microsoft Family Features?

The Microsoft family is a free service that encourages healthy and safe online habits. It allows parents to see the websites visited by family members, set limits on screen time and device usage, add money to their Microsoft accounts, keep track of others’ driving habits, see their live location, and much more!

At What Age Can You Leave Microsoft Family?

Child accounts do not have permission to leave the family group. They need an adult member to do so. This criteria only applies to children below 13. According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, any child over 13 can leave the family group.

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  1. Thank you. The final option worked for me. I was unable to use chrome and thanks to the services option I am back in action.

    Much appreciate this. A lifesaver! I can return to work.

  2. Thank you Sandra for your feedback and comment!
    I am glad to hear that the services option worked for you.

  3. Trying to set up a family group with 2 adults for added cloud storage on Android phones for oneDrive. Says Terry is added but wants a safety set. It doesn’t show added storage though paid for.

  4. Hello Deborah, thanks for the comment!
    So, you are trying to set up a Microsoft family group with two adults to share added cloud storage on Android phones using OneDrive, right?
    Firstly, it appears that one of the adults, named Terry, has been added to the family group, but you are being prompted to set up safety features.
    This may refer to parental controls or other safety settings that Microsoft recommends for families to use.
    Secondly, even though you have paid for additional storage, it is not showing up in your OneDrive account. This could be due to a delay in payment processing or a technical issue with the account.
    To resolve these issues, you may want to review the safety settings for the family group and ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to add additional storage to the account.
    If the problem persists, you may need to contact Microsoft support for further assistance.
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