Removing DPM Disk Storage Volume Crash with Error ID: 917 #DPM #SCDPM

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I was working recently on System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager (SC DPM) that has some free space problems on the Modern Backup Storage (MBS) volume in Windows Server 2016.

The DPM Server is deployed in a VM and I am leveraging Data Deduplication. Check the following article to learn more on how to reduce DPM 2016 storage by enabling deduplication on Modern Backup Storage.

Environment: DPM 2016 Update Rollup 4, Windows Server 2016.

The issue that I came across as follows:

  • The Backup Storage Volume is removed from DPM virtual machine but not from DPM console.
  • All protection groups were removed prior detaching the backup storage.
  • DPM server reports missing volume in Disk storage pane.
  • Attempting to remove the missing volume from DPM console results with the following error. The console keeps crashing constantly.
  • Attempting to remove the same volume using PowerShell, the PowerShell console crashed as well.
  • Adding a new volume with the same drive letter and size, and then trying to remove the missing volume. The console also crashed.

I attempted to restart the DPM server and service which didn’t fix the problem either.

Fixing the issue

To fix this issue, you need to open command prompt as Administrator and run the following command:

DPMSync.exe -sync

DpmSync is a command-line tool that exists since SC DPM 2007 which enables you to synchronize the DPM database with the state of the disks in the storage pool and with the installed protection agents. The DpmSync tool restores the DPM database, synchronizes the DPM database with the replicas in the storage pool, restores the Report database, and reallocates missing replicas.

As soon as DPM Synchronization completed, I was able to remove the missing storage volume from DPM.

That’s it! Hope this helps,

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