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Slide Deck: HyperV Know-Your-Tech #6 @ITPro_MSGulf #HyperV #Microsoft

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I would like to thanks Microsoft® and all the IT Pros who attended my session today at the Sofitel Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

After a successful Know-Your-Tech#1 day in November last year, and Know-Your-Tech#3 day in February this year, we continue our journey with Know-Your-Tech#6.


The session was focused on Hyper-V evolution, disaster recovery, top features and what’s coming in the next release of Windows Server 2016.

The main topics were discussed are the following including 25 live demos Fingers crossed:

At the end of this article, I’ve included a downloadable copy of the session deck 230 slides for offline review Winking smile


The attendees enjoyed the event and the feedback was fantastic! Open-mouthed smile



Until the next one!

Enjoy your day…Cheers,



Announcing The 6th Know-Your-Tech Session Focused on HyperV #Azure #Microsoft #WS2016

Hyper-V Evolution 2008…2016 #HyperV #WindowsServer


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