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StarWind Updates October 9th, 2015 @starwindsan

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Hello folks,

Here are the latest news from StarWind Software Inc.

1) StarWind Virtual SAN Named a Finalist for SVC Awards!


Vote for ‪StarWind and help to become the winner!

You will find StarWind Virtual SAN shortlisted for the Virtualization / Software Defined Storage Product of the Year category.

So, while scrolling through other categories and nominees, make sure you choose StarWind!

2) Technology often becomes obsolete these days, but sometimes a single change in it revives the principle and makes it relevant again.

Check out the recent blog post “RAID 5 was Great, until high-capacity HDDs Came into Play, but SSDs Restored its Former Glory” ( written by StarWind Software Inc. CTO, and fellow MVP Anton Kolomyeytsev



StarWind Updates October 6th, 2015 @starwindsan

Welcome To Hyper-V Nested Virtualization #HyperV


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