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Welcome To Hyper-V Nested Virtualization #HyperV

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Hello folks,

I would like to share with you today fantastic news!

Hyper-V Nested Virtualization is here!

Last May at the build conference, Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2016 and later will support Nested Virtualization so you could run Hyper-V Containers in Hyper-V virtual machines.

But the good news is that Windows 10 and later will support Nested Virtualization as well!

Microsoft just announced the release of build 10565 to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring. This build contains an early preview of nested virtualization.

In short, what is Nested Virtualization?

Nested virtualization exposes hardware virtualization support to guest virtual machines. This allows you to install Hyper-V in a guest virtual machine, and create more virtual machines “within” that underlying virtual machine (VMs in VMs!)


Now, this is very early functionality – and there are plenty of known issues.

A very important point to mention, the preview release of nested virtualization in Windows 10 allows you to run Hyper-V on Hyper-V only… other hypervisors will fail.


You can read all about it here how to enable it and try it today (NOT in Production), and please share your feedback.

What about Windows Server 2016 (RTM)? – Stay Tuned for more news!

Until then… Let’s start building VMs inside VMs Smile

Enjoy your day!


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