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The Second System Center Semi-Annual Channel (SAC), Version 1807 Release Now Available #SysCtr #SystemCenter #SAC

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You might have heard that Microsoft introduced a new servicing model called Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) for Windows Server and System Center. You can read all about it here. In short, this means that every 6 months, Microsoft will release a new version with additional features for System Center and Windows Server. You will be able to update your system if you have eligible Software Assurance. These updates will fix issues, but also include new features.

The Second System Center Semi-Annual Channel (SAC), Version 1807 Release Now Available #SysCtr #SystemCenter #SAC 1

In January 2018, Microsoft released the first SAC version for System Center 1801 (18=Year 2018 and 01=January), and today Microsoft released the second SAC for System Center, version 1807 (18=Year 2018 and 07=July).

Note: Please note that System Center 1807 is an update release and not a full build of the product. As a result, you need to apply/install it over System Center 1801.

What’s new in this release, version 1807?

System Center, version 1807 focuses on enhancements and features for System Center Operations Manager (SC OM), System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SC VMM). Additionally, security and bug fixes are available for all System Center components including Data Protection Manager, Orchestrator, Service Management Automation, and Service Manager.

These are the capabilities and fixes included in this release:

How to Get System Center, version 1807?

You can download System Center, version 1807 today at the Evaluation Center .

Since System Center, version 1807 is an update release on top of System Center, version 1801. As a result, Microsoft did not release the Evaluation VHDs for System Center, version 1807. The fastest way to evaluate System Center, version 1807 is to download the Evaluation VHDs of System Center, version 1801 using PowerShell script here, and then apply the update of System Center, version 1807.

As always – submit and/or vote for feature requests, fixes, and enhancements at the UserVoice channels here:

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