The Virtual Machine Cannot Be Started Because The File rdvgm.exe is Required to Start The RemoteFX Manager Process Does Not Exist #HyperV #RDS

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When a Windows Server Remote Desktop Virtualization Host is trying to start a virtual machine with RemoteFX 3D Adapter enabled, the virtual machine failed to start and will throw the following error:

[Synthetic 3D Display Controller (Instance ID: XXX): Failed to Power on with Error ‘Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

The virtual machine cannot be started because the file rdvgm.exe that is required to start the RemoteFX Manager process does not exist].

However the option to select a physical GPU in the Hyper-V settings is available, and still unable to start the Virtual Machines with RemoteFX 3D Adapter on the host server.



For every RemoteFX-enabled virtual desktop, there is a corresponding DirectX process running on the RemoteFX host server. This process replays all the graphics commands it receives from the RemoteFX-enabled virtual desktop to the physical GPU. For the physical GPU, it is equivalent to simultaneously running multiple DirectX applications. Typically, graphics devices and drivers are tuned to execute a few applications on the desktop.

Each Virtual Machine that has RemoteFX 3D Adapter attached will have its own (rdvgm) process when it starts similar to Virtual Machine Worker Process (vmwp).


Rdvgm.exe is a process that uses the graphics device driver to execute commands on the GPU.


To resolve this problem, we need to restart the Hyper-V Virtual Management service which has a dependency on the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host service.

Get-Service VMMS | Stop-Service -Force –Verbose
Get-Service VMMS | Select-Object -expand dependentservices | Start-Service -Verbose


Hope this helps!


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