The VM Failed To Restore… The System Could Not Find The File Specified (0x80070002)… The Operation Failed Because The File was Not Found

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This article will show you how to resolve the VM failed to restore, the system could not find the file specified with error 0x80070002 in Hyper-V.


What a nice morning when you get a call from a customer @ 6 AM.

The Virtual Machine is not turning on, I sent you the screenshot!

Really! What do you do in this case? Be kind Smile

The error in PowerShell


The error in the UI

The VM Failed To Restore… The System Could Not Find The File Specified (0x80070002)… The Operation Failed Because The File Was Not Found

As you can see, the error is indicating that “Microsoft Synthetic SCSI Controller: Failed…”

So let’s query the SCSI controller for that Virtual Machine.

Get-VMHardDiskDrive –VMNAME <NAME> | ?{$_.ControllerType –eq ‘SCSI’}


We have 3 disks attached to the SCSI controller.

Have you noticed something? The disk attached to Controller Location 2 is missing! The Path is empty.

However, the disk attached to Controller Location 1 is a pass-through disk using DiskNumber 9.

What is the status of the VM?


Can you Turn Off a VM in Saved State?



Can you remove the disk while the VM is in Saved State?

And NO!


Can you delete the Saved State of the VM?

YES Smile

From the UI


Using PowerShell

Get-VM | ?{$_.State -eq 'saved'} | Remove-VMSavedState


And here you go… The VM started Smile


You might wonder why the disk failed and showing as “Not Found?

The host rebooted, then all VMs entered in Saved State when the host came back online, the VMs supposed to be turned on automatically, however, the pass-through disk that was attached to this VM failed, he was using an external USB disk.

In conclusion, Pass-through disks are not flexible and don’t use them.

Hope this help,

Enjoy your weekend!


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