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What’s new for Hyper-V in the Windows Server Technical Preview 1? #HyperV #vNext

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Hello folks,

Today Microsoft® released the new Windows Server Technical Preview bits along with Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Here are the list of features on TechNet of what to expect for Hyper-V Windows Server Technical Preview:

Enjoy the new features Smile

Until then… Stay tuned!


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Charbel Nemnom is a Senior Cloud Architect with 21+ years of IT experience. As a Swiss Certified Information Security Manager (ISM), CCSP, CISM, Microsoft MVP, and MCT, he excels in optimizing mission-critical enterprise systems. His extensive practical knowledge spans complex system design, network architecture, business continuity, and cloud security, establishing him as an authoritative and trustworthy expert in the field. Charbel frequently writes about Cloud, Cybersecurity, and IT Certifications.

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2 thoughts on “What’s new for Hyper-V in the Windows Server Technical Preview 1? #HyperV #vNext”

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  1. Hello Charbel.

    I have a question, What is the best way to temporarily disable live migration of VMs in a Hyper-V cluster?

    I have a need to disable Live Migration on couple of clusters for a few hours, I want all the VMs to stay online but no HA.
    I am using 2012R2 for hosts and SCVMMR2 (about couple hundred VMs)
    I couldn’t tell if I should use the Failover cluster manager, VMM or else

    Thank you

  2. Hello Joseph,

    You could disable/enable Live Migration in VMM manually.
    If you browse to the Fabric Workspace in VMM, then select your desired host, open properties then click on Migration Settings, you can select and deselect incoming/outgoing live migrations.

    Hope this helps.


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